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Medical marijuana question

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Question for folks...

I don't smoke pot. But I'm around it five days a week, a few times a day. I'm an in-home caregiver for a man who uses medical marijuana. My job involves administering his medication to him, so I administer his medical marijuana as well. This involves filling/lighting the pipe, and holding it while he takes a hit. I wear gloves while doing this, but the smoke most often does waft my way.

I *have* occasionally gotten a slight buzz after helping my consumer with his pipe, and I have frequently come home smelling like a pot farm, according to my significant other. How much pot actually has to get into your system to test positive?

My livelihood absolutely depends upon me not having a positive drug test; I'm hoping to get work with a hospital or ambulance service. If what I'm doing is going to make me test positive, I need to find another job.

How long do I have to have had zero exposure before I'll get an acceptable result? If they're going to use a hair test, how long do I have to have been "drug-free" before I can get a job?

I'd love to hear I can stay at my present job if I can. It's as tough to find a good consumer as it is for a consumer to find a good caregiver. Some consumers can be real jerks.
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