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hi all. new member thought i'd say hello and introduce myself a bit
my names catherine, or kittie, either ones fine. im 16 and as of right now i live in northern virgin/DC. i guess you could say i do every drug in the book. im huge into the whole club drug scene, especially b/c i rave. i love E, acid, shrooms, K, ect. im a huge mary jane user and im on about 4 diffrent committies/protest groups that are supporting the medicinal use of marijuana. ive do cocaine on occassion and i used to do tons of DXM. i cant take any more though. i overdosed on coricidine/robitusin last thanksgiving and had a horrible experience trying to recover. ive almost stopped popping pills entirely. i still do on occassion, but im a lot better when it comes to popping.
as for heroine i use it a lot but after basically watching a close friend of mine ruin her life b/c of it, ive realized just how serious heroine is. she od'd and as result lost an arm b/c her veins had collapsed. i need help quitting heroine because im afraid of what it could do to me. before my friend lost her arm, we'd shoot together and love our trip. but now every time, i shoot by myself and every time i do it scares me. i cant stop, but i know i need to , i was just wondering if anyone ahs any advice to help me quit heroine?
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